Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mail Art and Christmas lights

Grove Avenue houses

 These neighbors keeping adding more and more lights each year. I learned from a friend who lives across street from this display, that they now turn it off at a certain at night. They used to let it go all night, which was disturbing people's sleep! It's pretty impressive.

This card is #21 but I thought it was #20 because I had a "20" in my little tin. I forgot to affix it to yesterday's card. Oh well. Anyway, today was a busy Mail Art day. I created two this morning. Then this afternoon, while hanging out with Noah as he was doing a book signing of his 365 book, I made 2 more.

I've been saving faces from paintings for awhile. I really like using them. This one, in 21A really draws me into it. Such a sweet look.

 I brought with my traveling Mail Art kit to Fountain Bookstore, and one of my tins of scraps. I was happy that I had a few butterflies in the tin so that the two cards looked like a series.


phonelady said...

As much as I hate christmas those houses are awesome . take care and happy holidays .

Juli said...

Lander! It arrived yesterday and I was thrilled! :)