Friday, December 24, 2010

In the kitchen afternoon!

Grand Kugel
 I went to Spanish meet-up this morning but our Science museum was closed. I waited for awhile in my car for others to arrive, and eventually, a small group of us headed to a coffee shop. It was packed but we managed to find 4 seats by the window and proceeded to converse en espanol.   We had such fun that it was noon before we knew it.

This afternoon, I'm so busy in the kitchen. I have to prepare lots of edibles. Even though she said not to bring anything, I'll be bringing something to our niece for their big Christmas morning gathering, then in the evening a big potluck dinner with friends. I've promised to bring my non-meat balls and some cheese spreads. I haven't much time, but this bit of waiting while the mixture sets for the neat balls before I brown them. We have a party to drop into this evening then we're off to see the film Black Swan. Busy social season.
Neat balls being mixed up, cheese for spread, etc.
 I'm got ingredients out to put up a pot of vegetable soup as part of Sunday's dinner with family members at our casa.
Back to work. No more time to dally. Busy busy in the kitchen! Glad I got my daily Mail Art done early. 
for veggie soup

The well used food processor!

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Paula said...

Merry Christmas to you & your wonderful, talented family!