Saturday, December 25, 2010

#25 & 25A of 365 Mail Art

"fish with color experiment"
I was really looking forward to making today's card. I had no idea until I sat down at my work table, what I'd make. I started with a background on two blanks. I used paper from a "newspaper" about Marimekko that I picked up at CB2 in New York City. It has several pages of full sheets of patterns that I'll be using up. I then decided to use a couple of these fish that I'd cut out of an old encyclopedia type of book. They were so colorless that i decided I needed to do more color experiments with them.

Overall, I'm pleased with the way this pair turned out.
I think the color experiments worked well, too.
What do you think? Can you see the color changes?
"fish with color experiment"

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