Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mail Art, #9A through #14A of 365

For Andrea in the U.K.

 I made #9A to send to my friend Andrea, because I couldn't leave home with out getting some mail off to her.

First card made in New York City
The rest of the cards in this post were created while I was away from home for several days.
 I made 2 cards on the 10th of December, while sitting in a restaurant. The server was very interested in what I was doing. I gleaned the bits from brochures and newspaper that I picked up along the way.
 I was handed the business card in the center by someone on the street. We didn't have a chance to stop by that market but did find a great craft event the next day, sponsored by Bust magazine. A bazillion crafters all under one roof, including Melissa, who I'm "related" to through various blogs! And we get our vintage postage from the same guy in California. Pretty cool!
 I made 2 cards on the 12th. #12A was sent out as a thank you to our friends, who set up a comfy pallet for us, on their studio (a real working artist studio) floor in New York City.

We appreciated their hospitality and many years of friendship, plus we got to see Keith's show at OK Harris gallery.
You can see Keith's sculptures on the gallery website.
Thank you card

A real gold seal (candy wrapper)

Last card made in NYC

On the train

Last card made on the train before reaching home.
I discovered that taking photos of the cards worked fairly well. I 'd wondered how that would work out since I usually scan my cards after making them.

Also, I discovered that it was hard to glue things down on a moving train. The trains was swaying a lot!

I was very happy with the bits I was able to glean while away from home. I really enjoyed the randomness of what came my way that I would be able to use. I'm happy with the results.

The first card made on the train is going to France. I thought it fitting to use an image of the Statue of Liberty (which came from the Amtrak Train magazine.)

The last card of the trip has a used up MetroCard on it, a gold seal (candy wrapper really( and a terrific image from an old photo that was in the train magazine. All in all, I'm quite pleased with this output. Now for tomorrow, to squeeze in a piece of Mail Art on a very busy day. I can do it!


PostMuse said...

These are wonderful, Mim! I did some glueing on the car ride home Sunday. I think I ended up with more glue on me than on the card. Mostly I cut stuff up while riding in the car. That turned out to be very relaxing.

Was the train ride fun? Better than driving, I'm sure, but was it also better than flying?

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

I was so glad we got to meet up on Sunday! I need to finish my blog post about the event this week before we leave for Christmas. :)

I love the found bits on the postcards. I have a little mail kit that goes with me whenever I travel somewhere and I always find fun pictures or text from the various hotel brochures and whatnots along the way. The Amtrak magazine is one of my favorite places for getting nice graphics, too, since I love the travel-y looking bits. :)

Found art blog said...

OH how fab!!! I'm getting more Mim Mail!!!