Monday, December 06, 2010

Mail Art

 Here's #4, a butterfly, which went off on the 4th of Dec. to someone with whom I've had correspondence for awhile.  I didn't have a little round number 4 to put on it. It's been great to use the numbers that I saved ages ago in a tiny tin. I think they came off of a little calendar. I have enough now to do the full 31 first days of this project. After that, hmmm, I'll be rubber stamping maybe.
 The color experiment, based on Josef Albers interaction of color, came out sort of okay on this card. If you stare at the space between the two color swatches you can kind of see that the rust color rectangle on the left is brighter than the one on the right. Can you see that? Kind of see it?
I really like the way this card turned out. It's going to a person with whom I've corresponded and I "discovered" that one of her Mail Art on going projects involves fish. I found the image in a book about Virginia wild life. Unfortunately, I didn't cut out the label telling me the name of this fish. Can anyone identify this fish?


PostMuse said...

I think my monitor doesn't allow for the color to show correctly. But, my first reaction was more about warmth ... the right is warmer. Perhaps influenced more by the bird, though

The fish is a trout of some sort but I can't find exactly what kind. I would have thought Rainbow, but not sure that has a yellow belly.

mim said...

Ah, warmer yes. I see that. Nope, computer monitors won't show it the same way for sure. Who ever gets the card might post about what they see. Oh that pesky bird having an influence on the color! Meanwhile, I have a male Cardinal, a sparrow and a mockingbird in my yard right now, pecking away at some crumbs I tossed out there.

PostMuse said...

I have no birds at the feeder this morning. It is cold and snowy, so I suspect they are cozied up somewhere munching on stored seed. I'm trying to get up the ambition to write a few cover letters. I think I might have lunch instead :-)

Paula said...

Got my butterfly in the mail today. It's the first piece of mail art I've ever received, and I'll cherish it. Thanks so much!