Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A commercial of sorts, mail art, and more

 I was in my supermarket this morning and picked up some half-priced items, thinking ahead to next Christmas/holiday time. They will be perfect for food gifts: cheese spreads, cookies. I got two of the plates. So cute, right? I've even made a note on 5 Dec. 2011 as to where I storing them. I'm being a smart cookie!
 This is a commercial, though not solicited or paid for, nor do I receive any perks for doing this. I just want to share a good product that has no bad ingredients in it. Really. I first blogged about this moisturizer Sept. of 2009.  I found it on the cosmetic safety datebase as a product rated with a zero - meaning "good." It's made by Soap for Goodness Sake.  I was getting down to the bottom of jar #1 so I ordered it again and look, it came in a paper "jar." How cool is that? Not plastic! The product is really effective in moisturizing. I use it on my face, my hands, and even rub the excess off of my hands by running them through my hair. I recommend this highly if you are concerned about what you put on your skin.

Here's #28, a bit fussier than I've been doing, but it turned out okay. Someone noted that the bird looks threatening. Oh dear, it does, however, the woman looks very calm so I guess it's an okay scenario. The background is a Sam Francis painting, which I've wanted to use for awhile. I AM working my way through my scraps.

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