Thursday, December 09, 2010

My studio, last month.

 In the middle of November, after completing a big sewing project for the Holiday shop, I decided to tackle my work table in preparation for more collage making. Looking towards "my real wall" and then towards "my other real wall" you can see how small my actual work space was at that time. Since then, I've cleared the space to the right, which makes me feel like I have a huge studio. (not exactly but way more spacious)
On the right, you can see Jennie Hinchcliff's (co-authored with Carolee Gilligan-Wheeler)  book Good Mail Day. It's inspiring to have it leaning against my little drawer unit. I have tons of scraps in those drawers, as well as old photos, ATC blanks, magnets, envelopes that I made from old books, etc. On top you can see my Blythe doll and behind her, my Coraline doll. Notice the cool stuff on that wall?

Goodbye for a few days, Studio. When I return from my little trip away from you, I'll have some new inspiration for MailArt365.


Anke Martin said...

Oh yes, that's how my Studio table and desk looks when I create! Have fun getting ready for 365!

Smiles, Anke ;)

carolee said...

Hi Mim,
Glad you liked the book! Your studio looks about as well-loved as mine...


carolee said...

Hi Mim,

Glad you liked the book! I see your studio is about as well-loved as mine!


Red Letter Day said...

Wowee -- it's such an honor to be propped up in your studio! If only a smaller version of me could be a bookmark, then I'd get to hang around and watch you mix-n-match stuff all day long...