Sunday, December 19, 2010

A merit badge~

Merit Badge
Wow, I got a merit badge from Lea Redmond. Read about her here.  I remember my girl scout days fondly and often wonder what happened to all the merit badges I earned. I loved earning them.  I wrote to Lea about this badge but never expected to earn one as I'm not a big collector of things. However, I do collect something and make things out of it. I collect the wire bindings from old calendars, paper sample books, etc. And I make what I call action figure sketches. For that, Lea awarded me this badge. I'm going to make mine into a pin so I can wear it on different hats, coats, or bags. How fun is this? Thanks Lea!

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Barbara said...

Did you have a SASH? I couldn't seem to get around to sewing the badges on my SASH, so, most of the time they were held on with a straight pin! I think I have that sash s o m e w h e r e !
Oh yes! A merit badge pin would be great! xo, bb