Monday, December 20, 2010

Mail Art and more

 Well, I've been keeping up with my one-a-day Mail Art, though some days one is just not enough.
 I had this woman in my stash for a long time and wasn't sure what I'd do with her. She is so serene, but wait, maybe it's not a her, maybe it's the Buddha!? This is just such a peaceful image to me.
"Tri-color with yellow and green"

In #20, I used the packing tape "trick" to demonstrate how it looks. I had done a better image of some Confederate soldiers but somehow I lost it, in my own studio. I can't find it. I hope it turns up sometime so I can use it, as I liked the image a lot. Oh well.
Washington, D.C.

As our train was coming around the south side of the district, I grabbed this photo of the Washington Monument as it appeared over the buildings. I was so excited to see it but didn't have the chance to frame the shot as the train was actually moving along quickly.
Crossing the Potomac River

The train crossed the Potomac River parallel to the 14th St. bridge, which how we drive into the district. This was a nice view of the river and the clouds that day.

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Margie said...

Love them all Mim. But of course, I am always drawn to anything with an eastern influence. Yes, I find that particular card very peaceful. XO, Margie