Saturday, November 10, 2007


We stopped for crepes at a little place on rue Francs Bourgeois called Suzette, next to the Tea salon called Camille, in case you look for it. For some reason it was decorated with sewing machines. D., N, and Chuck had a version with an egg, cheese and ham, while I had fromage et champignons. We liked the way the sides were folded to make a little square. Very tasty and "hit the spot."

In the evening, we took the metro way across town, nearly to the Bois de Boulogne, to see the Salon d'Automne. This was a huge art exhibit, huge! Our friend from South Africa had a piece in the show. We found his painting, amidst the many art works, but no sign of him. We met up with him and his friend on the metro platform on the return; went to their studio for wine and cheese. We had a nice time chatting. While we were there it poured down rain so we stayed longer and pretty soon it was quite late; we left when the rain subsided to return to our studio, which is in the main building across street, and found ourselves locked into the courtyard. Great! Backtracking to the entrance to of our friend's building, I rang a bell, not sure it was even his. Lucky us, it was. He came down with the key and let us out. Whew! We didn't have to spent the night in the courtyard!

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erin taylor designs said...

i am *loving* reading your posts francais! it sounds like you're having a great trip- well, after seeing those crepe images, i'm craving to the kitchen!