Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Gallery walk

Yesterday, we went off to look at some galleries in our area. After seeing a lot of work that didn't interest us, we came across gallery baudoin lebon,
which has a show of current work by Joel- Peter Witkin, whom we heard at a lecture here last year. I will admit that I am , for the most part, turned off by his work. The content is, hmmm, how shall I say it...well, the word creepy, fits for me. But he's very good at what he does, and some of the new work appealed to me. Is he growing on me? We stopped in at the Centre Culturel Suisse , which had a show that was about the changes in Europe. And a stop at La Galerie d'Architecture, which now has a nice selection of books and magazines, though the exhibit was not all that interesting for us. (see fotos above)

As we neared "home," Chuck spotted a little bowl in the window of a tiny boutique named Paroxysme, at 1, rue Tiron. The proprietor, Karen, has contemporary ceramics and jewelry, all handmade in France. We had a nice chat and ended up getting a small porcelain bowl.

And what I have no image to share with you, because we ate them all, was a little bag of chocolate candy we purchased at Gildo, which is near Centre Pompidou. They were like "bridge mix" only way better.

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