Saturday, November 24, 2007

What I've been up to....

In addition to making tiny collages for the Art-O-Mat,
I've been working on some Artist Trading Cards. A few years back, I acquired some old photos and had no idea what I'd do with them. Before we left for Paris, I trimmed them to ATC size and hope that I'd be inspired. Making little hats and finding captions for one group and finding new heads for another has been a lot of fun. I feel like the "old boys" are enjoying themselves. Silly moi!

Here's a picture of the Pantheon as seen from out window. Yesterday, we walked past it, on our way back from the Cartier Foundation , where we saw an exhibit by two artists. As we went by that area, it was time for students to emerge from universities and colleges (our high school equiv.) I loved hearing and seeing these young people, so lively, talkative, giving each other bises (those little cheek kisses that are audible) and yet looking like American kids.

As we crossed the bridge behind Notre Dame, Chuck dug his freezing hands out of his pockets to snap this lovely photo of the full moon. It was worth it!

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