Monday, November 12, 2007

An afternoon walk.

At one o'clock (13h) we walked over to Hotel de Nice to meet W & S, who had arrived, got my note, couldn't check in yet, so they went for a walk. We went out to the little square next to their hotel to wait for them, "there they are," Chuck said, as he spotted them crossing rue de Rivoli. We went into the hotel to check in with them and got to see their super room, with a super vue, both French windows open with balconies, too. Very cool. We brought them back to 8317 for lunch, then went for a long walk (just what one needs after a long flight over night.) We walked down rue Francs Bourgeois to Place de Vosges (our favorite walk) and took pictures in Hotel de Sully, before walking over to gawk at the amazing pastries in La Notre. We even stopped into the little Bande Dessinée store before heading back to their hotel. We made plans for our dinner meet up (going back to La Trumilou,) then came back to our little place for a rest. It's chillier today, but it was very sunny. Colder weather might be here to stay. Hope we brought warm enough clothing.

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