Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tour Eiffel, revisited...

By the time we finished walking through the photo show, Chuck was feeling very cold, while he didn't complain about it, he was ready to head "home" to 8317...We sprinted under the Tour Eiffel (I snapped this image on the run) dodging the thousands of tourists, to the bus stop on Ave. Joseph Bouvard, just behind the Tower. I snaped this image while sitting at the bus stop. We rode the #69 bus, which Rick Steves notes in his guide book as a great way to see the city. It costs the price of a Metro ticket (or 1,40 € cash.) The bus runs from the Eiffel Tower to Pere Lachaise cemetery and goes past lots of monuments and along the Seine at places. And best of all for us, stops a couple blocks from our building.

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