Monday, November 26, 2007

Beautiful animals at the Menagerie

Look at these beautiful animals! The ostrich pushed a leaf out the fence to Chuck. It's neck was so graceful. It was picking big, dried leaves out of that little water trough and eating them. The snow leopard is one of 4000 left in the whole world. The other leopard (I think it said panther on the sign) moved very gracefully up to that ledge. We were so in awe of the beauty. Our friend, T. commented that she couldn't understand how anyone would want to kill these animals and use their fur for coats. It made me think about my two feelings about a zoo. Not liking them, because the animals are in small spaces, not free, and liking them because the animals are safe, protected. So it goes.

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JB said...

These pics are great! Thanks!!