Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A late afternoon walk in the Marais

After lunch, the towels finally dried and put away, we decided to take a walk in the gray, drizzly Paris afternoon. We needed a destination so I decided to head for the little tea shop mentioned in France Today magazine. It's called Le Thé des Écrivains, Writers' Tea, and is on a little street called Minimes. It was easy to find, and just as described in the article, we were offered tea from the silver samovar when we entered. Lots of nice things in the shop besides tea. We'll stop by there again. From there, we wandered a bit and ended up on Boulevard Beaumarchais. Check out this red piano! Wow! So shiny and new. The White baby grand was pretty dazzling, too. Further on, we came to Place Bastille and turned onto rue St. Antoine. La Notre had two square columns of lights set up in front of their shop. See the family looking at the fantastic cakes? There are lots of optical stores on rue St. Antoine and we had to look in all the windows. No eyeglass frame souvenirs for us this year. Prices are way high. Look, round frames by Danilo Carrara, just like the ones I got from him directly!

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Mica said...

I have never seen a piano any color other than back or white. The red upright it pretty hot! I wonder if you could get someone to paint some flames on the sides like a drag racing car? Or maybe that's too jerry lee lewis?