Thursday, November 08, 2007

Paris, we're back!

We arrived on Monday afternoon. 8317 looked the same way as we last saw it, a year ago, with the exception of a piano. I was so excited to see it. We put my work table right next to it. Shortly after I took the photo, maybe an hour after we settled in, a ring at the door, workmen to remove the piano. What a disappointment! But only a temporary one...we were back in Paris!

The view out the window shows the leaves changing color, soon the towers of Notre Dame will be in full view.

The first evening, we walked over to see our friends D. & N. who have rented an apartment practically around the corner, a 2 minute walk, and had a lovely dinner that started with cheeses and olives. They have a wonderful view of a side of St. Protais/St. Gervais that we never saw before.

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