Thursday, November 08, 2007

To the market...

We'd read about the new thing in Paris...the bicycles. Right outside of the Cité, there is a Velib stand. The bicycles are beautiful and have baskets and a back fender. Tuesday morning, NOT bright and early as we have "jet lag," we headed off to the markets. In front of the Franprix, this carousel was whirling three little girls around in circles. There is a Velib stand just before the church of St. Paul, too.
We stocked up on some wine, cheese, butter, a baguette from Aux désirs de Manon, which makes the best baguette, handed to you with a little piece of brown paper wrapped around it. We stopped at Monoprix to get some dish washing soap and toilet paper and discovered that it has been renovated and is quite upscale looking. More Caisses (cashier stands) have been added but not more cashiers. We didn't go down to the food section so don't know if they renovated that, too.

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