Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Salon des Vins

Lucky us, we got to attend the Salon des Vins, where independent wineries show their wines. K. & R. gave us a ticket, which entitled us to entry and 2 wine glasses for tasting. We had to take 3 metros to get there, as it was at the Porte de Versailles, which is the location for many large expos halls and sports arenas. Just getting there after leaving the metro, on moving sidewalks, through long corridors, up escalators, down escalators was kind of overwhelming, then we entered the hall. WOW! All those people, all those wineries. all those wines. Chuck and I looked at each other, what do we do now. After walking a bit, I went up to a stand, an Alsacian winery, with no one at it, and asked the man to taste a Riesling. We ended up tasting two, and that "broke the ice" as it were, for us. What a fun experience. All the wine tasted pretty good to us! We left happy and with two wine glasses as souvenirs.

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