Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lunch and a walk.

We took the metro to our friends. K and R live near Per Lachaise Cemetery. We took some nice walks with them last year, too. This time, we went to a cous cous restaurant that they often go to, and had really good food for me a delicious vegetable melange. After lunch, we walked around, found the place where V. had taken photos of a punk squat. We couldn't go into it but did see a funny little show of art work nearby. From the top of the hill on rue Menilmontant, we could see Centre Pompidou in the distance. R. said "It's big, it's blue, it's Pompidou" without realizing she'd made a rhyme..or maybe she did.

On the way back down , we stopped into the church of Notre Dame de la Croix. There was a display of religious figures made from tree trunks that was interesting.

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