Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving in Paris

Thanksgiving day for us Americans...what to do but take a walk! It was a lovely spring-like day. Some high school students were on strike (greve) in sympathy with the transportation workers? the teachers? the firefighters? We had no idea. There they were, a small group of them, filing past us on the Place de Greve in front of l'Hotel de Ville.

We took our handy Gallery guide map and did a tour of galleries in the marais, 7 or 8 of them, and actually found some very interesting work in several of them. When it was time for a coffee break, we headed to our favorite place, the Swedish Cultural Centre, where one can get seconds on coffee (the only place in Paris that probably does this.) We toured the exhibit of photos on the color red. Perfect for me, eh? with my color classes. It was about a specific red from a specific mineral mined in Sweden, which is used to paint buildings.
Oh yes, the pear almond tarte we had, came with home made chantilly (whipped cream.) Yum!

We left the centre and headed down the street, where on the corner of rue Payenne and Francs Bourgeois, we saw this crazy window. Cracked us up! It's a BIG turkey hiding under a lamp shade, shaking (yes, it was moving) with feathers shaken off, and on the window it said "the great escape." Hilarious. It put us in a thanksgiving mood. Other Americans were taking pictures of it, too.

After some more walking, with dusk arriving, we stopped at a bucherie to get Chuck his poulet roti for dinner. I made some potatoes and salad, we poured some wine, toasted our good fortune to have a wonderful family and wonderful friends, and ate our meal while looking out over the Seine River in Paris. Grateful.

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