Thursday, November 08, 2007

Paris par nuit!

I snapped these as we crossed the street by the Pont Louis Phillipe. This is at the end of the block to the right of where I'm sitting rtight now.

I've positioned my little computer table facing the window. Right now, in the wee hours of the Paris night, I can see the twinkling reflections of the lights on the rippling water of the Seine River. Vehicles are going by on the Quai des Celestins, the busy road that parallels rue de l'Hotel de Ville (our quiet little service road.) The sound is like intermittent white noise. There are some sounds from the hallway, Someone coming in late? Time to turn out the light and get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day in the City of Light!

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JB said...

Thanks for taking me there again. This may be the closest I ever get to Paris! I am loving your pictures and descriptions.