Saturday, November 17, 2007

Making art, taking walks & more

Even with all of the time we've spent out and about town, I've managed to work on a new series for the art-o-mat. I'd cut up lots of substrate to work on and am using found paper from here for the collages. (7cm x 5cm/3" x 2")

Yesterday, we went over to rue de Seine to check out some galleries. On the way, we saw the Kusmi tea shop. I bought a sampler box to enjoy while we're here. Even chuck is drinking tea in the afternoon.

Further down the street, in a courtyard entrance, I saw these dogs. I thought they were cute.

The reverse "alas, poor Yorick..." is a poster we spotted 0n our evening walk. It's for the Eurostar train, which has changed it's station in London to St. Pancras. it made me laugh, and immediately start the speech from Hamlet.

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