Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Wednesday update and some more Tiny Town!

 We had some small pie pumpkins out in our garden as decorations for the halloween party that didn't happen (it was cold and rainy that night.) A couple of squirrels  have been very happy, they are looking mighty healthy! It's been fun to watch them tackle these.
 Driving home from Spanish class, I stopped to look at the geese on Fountain Lake (an tiny artificial lake.) They were very quiet.  See what a gray day it was today? It's been raining but it's warm. Very odd, it's December!
 Here's our stash of holiday cards that my honey pulled out of the drawer. The green ones in the center were a gift from a letter writing friend who scored a 90% off sale on cards. So nice of her to share. And we will mail these off as we want to support our postal system as much as possible, as well as wish everyone some cheer.
 Here's some shadow play from Saturday in D.C. The sun was so bright that we got some nice crisp outlines.
 Even though my Mail Art 365 project has ended, I'm still sending out Mail Art and Tiny Town is still going. Today's cards show the amazing news: open-faced sandwiches appeared from a courtyard.
Tiny Town residents were confounded by this, and the mystery of who made them remains to this day!

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