Saturday, December 17, 2011

The sky was so blue + mail art

 I walked to Spanish Meet-up yesterday morning. The air was crisp, the sun out, the sky was so blue. This house on Monument Avenue was decorated simply with copper and silver colored balls. One night we'll do our drive around the neighborhood to capture more of the decorations. Mostly, it's pretty tasteful, but a few people get wacky.
 The Davis monument is in the middle of the intersection. It's huge because he was the president of the Confederacy. My daughter and I are reading books about the American Civil war now, her interest piqued mine. So far, we've both read some good ones. I recommend the book March by Geraldine Brooks, fiction, about the father from the book Little Women. I've downloaded Little Women to my Kindle as I couldn't remember it very well. A revisit is in order.
 This is the Science Museum, our former railroad station, where my Spanish meet-up group gathers in the cafe each Friday. In front is the Grand Kugel. I've written about this before. It never fails to amaze me.
 This fish landed on the ground with a "kathunk" that sent the dogs and horses into a panic! The previous landing of a pumpkin was bad enough; this was far more startling. Tiny Town revisited!
 Mail art using more of the labels from my gift box. This one is going to Buenos Aires to cheer up someone's mother who is ailing.
For this piece, I used part of a recycled cover from a pad of art paper as the substrate and another of my new labels. I am keeping to my minimal three for the label series, I think.

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