Monday, December 12, 2011

More about the Pumpkin, and other stuff

 I titled this "thud" the sound of something heavy dropping! Got any good titles for it? It's more in the Tiny Town series and it's hunt club, a companion piece to the card I did a couple days ago.
 By turning the de Kooning painting on it's side, I was able to make a nice background for this jumping girl. I titled this one "joy." What else?
 The sun light filtering through the glass block window in my honey's studio, created this shadow on the wall. It was like another piece of art work was hung there. Light works.
The sky was so blue, and the clouds so nice. We are cloud appreciators. Caught this image while driving (I wasn't the driver) east on Broad St. I was able to crop out the rather large building to the left so the view seems somewhat rural.

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