Monday, December 19, 2011

Tiny Town, again, +

 Tiny Town is being watched! For what reason, they don't know, but it's rather annoying!  I've counted my Utrillo Postcards and I have, at least 30 of them left to work on. I may take some with me to Paris, to see what images I come up with.
My acquaintance, via the internet and her books, Kristin Espinasse, has written another book and I'd like to help spread the word. She self-published this one and it's on Amazon, how cool is that? You can see it here and here. I took this photo from one of Kristi's posts. I live vicariously through her French-word-a-day blog, and manage to keep up a bit of the language that way. If you have any interest in the French language, of Provence, or of an interesting writer's take on her own life, check out this book and the blog. Merci, on behalf of Kristi (who doesn't know I'm writing this as she's in Marseille having another doctor appointment to check on her skin cancer.) 

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Margie said...

Ooh, like this one! French too? You rock dear MIm. Wishing you and your honey the happiest of holidays. Xo Margie