Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Moon, mail art, and more

 The moon was enormous last night and our clear sky permitted my seeing it so clearly. Other places in the world, people got to see the eclipse of the moon.
 I made moon inspired mail art today.
 I bought some more Washi tape when we were in New York City last month, including this dotty one.
 This, too, was inspired by the moon. It's called Brownie Moon Cakes and I put the recipe on my recipe blog. You can see it at Mim4mail.
 Yesterday, we stopped by our friends house for his annual pottery sale and holiday cheer. He lives in this lovely old house, which is not far from where we live, and right behind his house is the home of my Spanish teacher. You can see it in the distance. I'm so lucky that everything is so conveniently located that we don't have to drive far to get there.
Here is some of the pottery that was for sale. You can see more of it on Steven's web site.  We bought a small bowl to add to our collection of useable original pottery.

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