Monday, December 26, 2011

Mail out & more

 I'm really fond of this altered photo postcard. Juli sent me a pack of photo postcards. This is the second one I altered by simply cutting up postage stamps and gluing them to the photo. I hope the recipient liked receiving this.
 Our niece has a collection of Chanakiot (that's plural for chanukah menorahs, I think, correct me if I'm wrong.) These are a few of them, including the newest one that her hubby gave her. We had the annual gathering at her home yesterday and it was very festive.
We had a few of the little pumpkins left and the squirrels are continuing to enjoy their feast of seeds. They work very hard and long to get at them.

I've started to put together my art kit for our trip. I think I might be going over-board with it. I can pare it down, since there ARE art supply stores in Paris.


PamelaArtsinSF said...

Love that altered postcard, Mim! And yes.....there are art supply stores in Paris and stationary stores too.....I will need a full report!

Found art blog said...

Art Stores? In Paris?!?! That's like worrying you won't eat properly either!!!!!!!!

Margie said...

Dearest Mim,

I can picture you strolling around the city already. Can't wait to see where your creativity goes while you are in such a magical place. I've never been, but everyone I know that has been there, fall in love with it. Enjoy every minute.

Safe travels to you and your honey, Margie

Margie said...

Oh Mim, I can picture you strolling the streets of Paris already, sitting at the cafes art supplies as the ready.

Safe travels to you and your honey.

Xo, Margie