Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting ready +

 I needed a new suitcase for our trip. I wanted something very light weight and lucky for me, someone did a lot of research and I happened on it. She bought three suitcases and reviewed them on a web site (wish I could remember which one.) She had certain criteria - like it won't tip over! a good one.  She did all the research and I used it. My suitcase arrived today. It's an Eagle Creek Hovercraft 2, 22" (no one is paying me to write this!)  I'm pleased. Thank you, Lady, whoever you are.
My friend Anke in Germany, sent out a holiday greeting which included this drawing by her son Lars. I love it! I just had to share it with you.

The geese are still in the park. I took that route home from Spanish class today, as usual, so I could check on them. I had to navigate my turn slowly, as several geese were crossing the road. I'm happy to see them there. A lot of people complain about them, but I'm thrilled to see wildlife, like this, just a few blocks from my house in the city.

Here are a couple of my African Violet plants. They are blooming beautifully. I've arranged for them to be cared for while I'm away. I'm very fond of them and have had them for awhile.
 Here are two pages from the booklet that I'm working on. I think the fan, with the piece of a photo I took in Venice, works really nicely.
 On this double-page spread, I adhered a small envelope that is transparent and put some scraps in it.  For the line that continues across all of the pages, I'm using an ink brush pen.
 Yesterday, I received mail from my friend Andrea in the U.K. You might remember her and her friend Beanie, whom I met while in London last spring. She used some kind of holographic tinsely pen, which I like a lot, and which doesn't show up on this scan. boo hoo. The musical holiday greeting is from Roberto in P.R.

I played around with watercolors today and made some mail art with it. I sent it unscanned and un-numbered!


PamelaArtsinSF said...

Oh--a suitcase that doesn't tip carry-on always tips over! Have fun!!

phonelady said...

I must say Im jealous of where you are going . Love the luggage .

Found art blog said...

OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!!! Trip!! Travel!!! PARIS!!!! WOOHOO!!!
I got your little package the other day too!! Thank you!

Anke Martin said...

Ahhh what a surprise!!!!!! I have to show this my son later! Thank you for sharing!!! I bet he will be excited!!!
This was just the beginning, lol, there will be something on the way to you some time soon, probably arriving after Christmas though, for some reason I am not organized at all this Christmas season!
Enjoyed your new blog posts, smiles, Anke :)