Friday, December 16, 2011

Playing with labels

 Oh, nothing like a surprise in the mail. I get them often, lucky me, and last night, a package arrived from my daughter with this cool present! A tin full of mailing labels to help me during the upcoming year, with lots more mail art. She always choses something exciting and new for me to play with.
 I got busy playing with the labels first thing this morning. Here's the first one. The gold foil circle is from chocolate candy "coins of the world", which our friend in Chicago sent us. We get to eat chocolate and have collage material. Cool! I found a new adhesive in the craft store. A glue stick that works with metal, fabric, wood, other non-porous material. A nice addition to my stock of adhesives.
 This is the 2nd card of the morning. By coincidence yesterday, while at the craft store, I bought some other labels and used one on this card, also.  I like the way a bit of solid color in the background gives a cohesive look to minimal pieces like this.
Here's the little packet of labels from the craft store. They'll be put to good use along with the other new labels. Both are reproductions for old labels. What's old is definitely what's new!


Margie said...

Daughters just get it. Mine does the same thing. Aren't we blessed, Margie

Found art blog said...

OK, now I want to move in.