Thursday, December 15, 2011

Playing with water colors +

 I've been playing around with water color, as I mentioned in yesterday's post. Not sure what I'm doing with it but today, the weather was spring-like, so,  I was inspired to do something with a feeling of happy, growing, energy flowing kind of mail art. I stuck on some gold foil circles. I don't know how they'll make it through the postal machinery. The cards may arrive sans the gold. It's kind of an official looking touch, right?
 Oh happy mail box. I got some lovely mail art yesterday, from Brazil, the U.S. and Germany.
 We drove by this house today, and my honey stopped to let me grab a photo with my phone. I must go by when it's dark to see this lit up. There's the santa from the Nightmare movie, a santa in a cage with vultures on top of it, a witch, a snowman or two, and more. What a silly scene. Someone was having fun!
When my honey was cutting up the box that my suitcase came in, so it'd fit into the recycling bin, this dropped out. An earring! I wrote to the company and showed them and said I'd send it back. I got an e-mail this morning, saying that I could discard it as the person who owned the pair had thrown out the match. oh well. I think I'll hang it on some display Christmas tree instead. It's ornamental
and will be a surprise for someone.


phonelady said...

Oh I just love people who throw in a little whack for christmas . That earring is very pretty and yes it would make a good tree ornament .

Margie said...

You are a delight as are your watercolors! I am still unable to subscribe to your blog. Wish I could. Then I would never miss a post!!