Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mail art in and mail art out

 I received this from Cernjul who lives in Buenos Aires. Her envelope is as lively as what was inside of it.  I feel so honored to be the recipient of so much lovely mail.
 This came from Fleur  in California. A tiny envelope made from origami paper, with small photos of store windows in it, and mailed in a clear envelope. So fabulous. Oh, and the stamps didn't get cancelled. Yay, this didn't go through the machinery.
 These are the two pieces of mail that came one day after another, from Katerina in Greece. So much fun to see what is included in her colorful envelopes.
Marie sent sent this from Japan. Fabulous!
I altered a photo postcard, one of a packet that Juli sent to me. A reminder, we're departing soon and any mail that arrives after 30 Dec. won't be seen for 2 months!

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Margie said...

What glorious treasures to receive in the post! When do you leave on your trip? Have a beautiful holiday season my friend and a fantastic time away. Xo, Margie