Saturday, December 31, 2011

The last Mail Art (for 2011) and looking ahead

 Here's a lovely Leger woman, holding a book. How perfect for her to follow in the line of the books arriving in Tiny Town. This is my last mail art of the year! wow. I'm in upper 700s with mail counted since 1 Dec. 2010. I'll keep going until I reach 1000. I may have mentioned this before. ooops, if I did.
Here are two little memories of Paris. We'll be seeing these shortly, though the sky will probably be gray, and there might even be rain. But the bridge and the sculpture will be there.

We call the sculpture The Bunny, but it's actually a map of Korea. It's right in front of the Cité. We were even there on the day they had a ceremony for it, watching from our studio window. 


Took said...

I have really been enjoying your mail art, Mim. I just joined up at MailArt 365 -- is that where you get your Mail Art contacts?

Margie said...

Dearest Mim,

Playing catch up on your blog. It makes me crazy that I cannot subscribe so I know when you post. Maybe you can look into that when you return. It makes it so nice as one knows each time you post and don't have to guess. I'm sure you can add a button or something as everyone else has one.

When do you leave for Paris? How exciting. If I don't chat with you before, have a safe journey my friend. I know you will return with all kinds of goodies to share with us.

XO, Margie