Monday, December 05, 2011

Stamp news & sky

 We went up to Washington, D.C. on Saturday and were fortunate to have a place to stay over night so that we could do some more on Sunday.  I have some photos to download from my camera to show more of D.C. but wanted to share about the National Postal Museum.
Our friend made sure that I didn't miss seeing it. I was a bit apprehensive, thinking maybe it'd be boring but it wasn't. The building is huge and grand, the museum is on the lower level and very nicely done. Lots to see.
One of the things we liked a lot was this pane of stamps that is not for sale as far as we can tell. It was created by artists for a special A to Z of philately exhibit. We all want this pane of stamps!!
 Look what I saw in the window of the shop at the museum! Our good mail art friends Jennie Hinchcliff  & Carolee GIlligan Wheeler's book. This is the book that I take with me when I do a workshop as a must have for newbies to mail art.
This was the sky as we were driving home. I took this with my cell phone but someone else took some with her camera and hopefully I'll get one of those to share with you.
More on the museum and D.C. next post.

PS I'm still making and sending out mail art, but not scanning or posting. When I make a Tiny Town adventure I'll post that.


Margie said...

That looks like such a cute book! I want one!! Glad the postal museum didn't turn out to be a dud!! Margie

VioletSky said...

I went to the postal museum in Ottawa and found it fascinating. I took several photos before discovering that photos weren't actually allowed. oops. I am now scared to post them, but maybe enough time has passed?