Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mail Art & tiny book

 Here's some of the recent mail art that I received. Lucky me, happy mail box, and we're keeping the postal systems going!
 I finally got around to changing up my real wall in my studio. I put up some new received mail art. You can see the wide range of styles. I put up some of the cool envelopes, too. Andy, who started our 365 Mail Art group, started a Real Wall and it's such a good idea that several other people are doing it. Sometimes, he creates his real wall out of doors!
 By curving the lower edge of the man, I was able to incorporate him into the landscape better, I think. He definitely appears to be popping over the edge to check on the hunt.
 This gal's neck is so long! I think it's a real help for her when she goes to art exhibits as she can see over the heads of other viewers. The Matisse piece makes a nice background.

Here's another of the double page spreads that I'm doing in Robayre's booklet.

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Margie said...

Really like everything you posted here my dear.