Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mail art finally

what a day, what a day! I spent most of it typing up address labels for the preview invitations for my honey's art exhibit. The exhibit will open on 1 March but we'll be away for 2 months so it's as if the opening were 1 January. 
I had to take breaks, so I made some oatmeal cookies.
 I finally finished, yay, and came up to my studio to make some mail art. I had two more old pipes and they just work so nicely with the de Kooning painting. I'm not sure if the paint is coming out of the pipes or being sucked into them. In any case, these make me laugh.
 This baby head is the last of my Victoria scrap stickers that has a person. The rest are flowers or birds. I called this one: "Baby's in the fruit again. Why?"
I received this beautiful card from Alicia, who lives in Iowa City. I sure hope I'll get mail art while in Paris, if not, I'm going to feel withdrawal symptoms. One of the first things I'll do, after gettig WiFi hooked up, will be to get to the post office to buy stamps! Okay, to be honest, maybe that'll be after I buy a baguette.

Hard to believe it's 23 Dec. as we had spring like temperatures. I walked to the mail box without a coat! Crazy!

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PamelaArtsinSF said...

You know you will get mail in Paris from me, Mim. And what fun to buy some beautiful French stamps at La Poste. I can't wait to see them. Have a fabulous time.