Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Mail Art plus other stuff

 Here is all of the Halloween treats we had left over. It was a dark and rainy night, thus, few little folks at the door. Our favorite little neighbors came by while it was still light out and got special treats. They looked great and I forgot to take photos of them, darn it!
 This is mail art that I received from my friend, Dean, in Paris. He's the wildest Mailer. Part of a computer? and a map of Paris, and on the reverse a song about our upcoming trip to Paris to the tune of "Start Spreading the News."  What fun!
 I have to show this to you! We just got the photos from our great-niece's wedding yesterday and if you look really closely, you'll see me in the back there, co-officiating with the pastor!!! How cool was that?!
 Yesterday's mail art was a very simple alteration of three of the cards I got on sale at VMFA, left over from the big Picasso exhibit. I added 1960 bird stickers. That's all, just a bird or two. This is the #335 series. I entitled it "Paul's costume came complete with a live bird."
 This piece I called "They run with birds."
I'm very fond of this painting of Olga. I've titled this one "Olga's red bird tried to cheer her up."
I have a few more of these cards, so you might see some more alterations of them. Which one do you like best? What other things might I do with them? Any ideas for me. I'm at the home stretch for the 365 project! This is the last month, I can't believe it.


phonelady said...

You must have done this for me the crazy bird lady . LOL !! Just kidding .

Sue said...

I love them running with birds. I think they're on our playground. Super cool co-officiating.