Sunday, November 06, 2011

Crazy busy weekend and Mail Art Update

 I'm so relieved that the Richmond Peace Education Center annual auction is over! I was consumed by my tasks for the past 4 days, but glad that I was able to make a contribution to the event. It went well.

Today, we walked to the vita trail in the park. We passed fountain lake, where there were lots of geese, a few ducks, a few sea gulls, and a heron. Pretty cool for a little park near my house in the city.
 This is mail that I did on Friday, I have so enjoyed these alterations. These two women came from a 1941 painting called "The Hands" by Paul Delvaux, a painter I do not know. I really like the look on their faces.
 Those passers-by are, of course, from Le Grande Jatte, that big painting that I grew up with at the Art Institute in Chicago.
 I stayed up very late on Friday, into Saturday morning, so I made my mail art at 3 a.m. I grabbed three pieces of paper that were handy and made a composition of them. The little scrap on top is from that same Le Grande Jatte painting. I added the rubber stamps, just because they were at hand. Not bad for a sleep deprived person.
This is today's card. I decided to use three scraps for this one, also. I went back to one of my boxes of cut out bits that I used early on in this 365 project. I'm thinking that I'll try to use those scraps during this week. I can't believe I'm coming to the end of the daily project. It's amazing to me. Daily, I did at least one a day, if not more!  Yikes.


phonelady said...

Bravo as always mim you have outdone yourself again . I love it all .

Margie said...

Yikes is right!!! Quite an accomplishment my friend . What happens when you are done? I know you have something on the back burner, LOL! Xo