Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Today is day 336, yikes!

 Back to Tiny Town. I have many more of these cards left, so Tiny Town will continue beyond the 365 project, for sure.

I'm still using the painted ladies and other painting bits. I think they fit nicely with the town, but I may have to go back to photos as I'm almost through with the old book I've been cutting up.  This is a Klimpt girl. Her stare is un-nerving.
 This Matisse bowl of fish seemed like a fun thing to place in the street. Can you image the shock of seeing it there? Tiny Town residents have a problem to deal with here.
 The Arshile Gorky painting made me think about Northern Lights, aurora borealis, or something unusual in the sky. I think it works nicely.
This is from a painting by Cezanne. The look is stern but I think the person really was someone nice, just had to sit for the artist too long.


Margie said...

These are awesome! Almost in the home stretch!

chris said...

You'll deserve a medal or at least a commendation for getting to 365 - so many are trying but so few will achieve the goal! You're almost there - Tiny Town will miss you.

phonelady said...

I love all of these .