Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a surprise visit

 My little neighbors surprised me this afternoon with 4 eggs from their chickens. They told me that one of these was the 2nd egg produced. They were so sweet to share with me. Aren't these lovely?
 This is our Art-o-Mat machine. On Wednesday, 30 November, it'll get filled with our tiny artwork, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of it's being in Richmond.  Now to finish my tiny landscapes!
 Day 357's mail art. My title -  "Mama said: Pay attention to what makes sense."
This is the view from my studio window this morning. There's a "hole" in the holly tree and I can see the red leaves on the tree across the street. It was a gray day, it drizzled off and on, however, the people in the market seemed pretty upbeat as they shopped for their day of giving thanks meal fixings.  

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phonelady said...

Those eggs are lovely and I am avoiding the shopping areas like the plague . will do so for the next wks as well .