Sunday, November 27, 2011

Done with Art-o-Mat, almost done with year long project!

 Here it is, my favorite of my tiny landscapes for the Art-o-Mat project. I finished wrapping up today and I'll deliver them tomorrow. The opening event for the 10th Anniversary of the Richmond VA machine will be this Wednesday at the Visual Art Center. Very exciting!
 Today's mail art pieces (day 362, omg almost at the end) were inspired by Josef Albers. 
 I was surprised at how much work goes into making small paintings. Really quite similar to making large paintings but I think I want to do more of these, even after the year long project ends.
 My friend Ann called me this morning to come join her at the VMFA garden, but I was finishing my project and couldn't join her. However, when I finished,  I asked C to join me and we walked over to the park. Here are the stairs leading up to the upper level. The water falls runs alongside. It makes a nice water flowing noise.
 Here's the approach to the park, with the VMFA on the right and ahead of us, the berm (which actually is covering the multi-level parking deck) which is a park area with benches, plants, and sculptures.
I love to photograph this building. I liked the reflection in the pool, with the cat-tails in the foreground. The sky was so blue today. It was spring-like outdoors. We sat for awhile at the top of the berm enjoying the view, getting sun on us, saying how lucky we were to live so close to this lovely place.


Took said...

Wonderful stuff in this blog post, Mim!

Margie said...

Mim, these are lovely photos and I really like how your project turned out. Margie

phonelady said...

gotta love that house with the cat tails . I love it .