Monday, November 21, 2011

Beginning of the week!

The temperatures are springlike, but the leaves have turned colors. I'm especially fond of the yellow leaves A gray day makes the leaves brighter.
 On Saturday, I went on a Tiny Town spree. I found these cool fashion models from the 60s. They were perfect for the series.
 I called this series "The 1960's fashion models liked to visit Tiny Town" or something like that.
 This is such a 60s look.
 The idea of one of the model's walking across the town tickled me.
 Someone suggested that I use Paul Klee images for Tiny Town and it turned out that I did have an old book to take apart. These are Sunday's play with Tiny Town.

I'm especially fond of how the tight rope walked turned out. I had to piece the sky as the image wasn't long enough.
Me with the 3D glasses from VMFAs Mummy exhibit
Our mini-maple tree turning red.

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