Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A foggy day in the park and mail art

 Go back two post and you'll see the difference. We drove to the walking trail but had my honey stop the car so I could snap this photo. Amazing difference from the past couple of days.  The geese had moved further into the park beside the walking trail. There were few people out there this morning. Here are a few images for you to see.

 Today's series, #344, was all made from scraps from the little box. Again, I limited myself to 4 pieces of paper. Fortunately, I had some really cool images to use, which gave a nice consistency.
 I have no titles for these, as I'm hoping someone will come up with some good ones. I think there's a nice narrative going on. All I could think of was "Don't look at the shoes" or "feet." ha ha ha
 I did nothing to the bits as I pulled them from my scrap box, except clean up some of the edges on the heads or legs.
 I couldn't believe how I had enough of each part and, also, the speckled or dotty paper.
Here's my work table this morning. There's the box of scraps and the cards in progress. I'm going to try to work out of this box for the next few days. Few, indeed, as I'm coming close to the end of my year long project. Unbelievable!


phonelady said...

That desk is a sign of a busy person .

chris said...

Your work keeps reminding me of the Kiss principle (keep it simple stupid!) The cards are great!

chris said...

Forgot to say Thank You for the card I received - also loved the envelope. Am I to do something with the Return2.Me card or just enjoy it too!

mim said...

Chris, if you can, alter it and return it to Scott Moore. It's his cool project. He'd be so excited to get a card from Australia.