Sunday, November 13, 2011

Peaceful Sunday

 We were invited to friends for brunch and decided to walk there since they live only a mile away. The trees were beautiful colors and the air was so mild, like spring, though on the walk back home, it had changed. The sky got darker, the wind picked up, the temperature dropped, oh it was not spring!
 We walked through one alley way that was planted beautifully the entire block. The neighbors must have gotten together to plan this. We enjoyed the walk, even though it had gotten cooler.
 For today's mail art, I used a base cut from a cereal box. The two image juxtaposed made me laugh, and then I realized they made a nice narrative. You can give it a title of your own making.
This afternoon, I worked on my art-o-mat project some more, adding details. I've lots more to make, but the nice thing about paint is that I can cover up what doesn't work. Perfection, however, is not the goal, getting them done, is.

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phonelady said...

Oh yes that oh so cool temp change so know the feeling . take care .