Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 This is how I'm feeling tonight! Powerful! It feels powerful to reach my goal. Doesn't this gal look powerful? I thought so.
 Tonight, I celebrated by attending the Art-o-Mat event at the Visual Art Center. If you're in the Richmond, VA area, check it out. The machine still has some pieces to vend. Here's the machine open so you can see the art that's left in it. Two are completely sold out.
 Here are people standing in line to buy mini-art works. That's Clark Whittington, the man behind the project, standing to the left. Yay for Clark. I love him!
 Here's the machine getting it's front panel replaced, while people wait to purchase tiny art. That's Alyssa, our local Art-o-Mat gal extraordinaire (who got the machine her originally.) Yay, Alyssa.
 People waiting and someone trying to make a decision on which one to choose. We got 5 pieces tonight. I let my honey do the choosing and he chose well, but we may have to return for a couple more.  I'll post pieces after I scan them so you can see what he chose.
We got home and our mail still hadn't been delivered. Poor Clyde has to work so late to complete his route. I was thrilled and delighted to get this piece of mail. Notice: "Free Mail" and "..tary Post Office" This was a note from one of the soldiers that I sent a package to earlier this month. I've only gotten a note 2 times before. I don't expect any so when it happens, it's soooo nice. And I'm about to send off 2 more packages to this officer since he has 3 platoons with 100 soldiers total that he can distribute things to. These are people who don't get much or any mail. They are in forward operating bases in Afghanistan. If you're interested in sending packages to the U.S. troops, sign on with Since I couldn't stop the wars, I figure I can send some lovin' to the people far from home with a care package.

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