Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday, day 364

 I took my time doing today's mail art. I didn't want to do it first thing in the morning. I think I was trying to prolong the second to the last day of my 365 project.
I'd had these Renoir ladies for awhile. It was time to make use of them. 

I won't stop making and sending mail art. I did it long before I started my 365 project. I just won't be making and posting daily.  I have many more copies of this Utrillo street scene, so you'll be seeing Tiny Town in the future.  Tomorrow, I pack up my collage bits and send them off to others for their use. I'll choose a recipient for my MailArt365 rubber stamp and send it off (using Random.org) and I'll write up something about what a year of a daily project has been like for me.


phonelady said...

Gosh you are so creative it just puts me in awe . I love the tiny town series . You are great as always .

PamelaArtsinSF said...

Mim--wow--day 364.......impressive. And very fun that you are passing off your mailart stamp. I have fallen down on the 365 project but I make tons of mail art everyday....hope you will too! Good luck tomorrow.

Margie said...

Will look forward to hearing your thoughts my friend.