Thursday, November 10, 2011

The new project, some mail art, and the park

 I finally got started on my Art-o-Mat project. I have to complete 21 pieces for the 10th anniversary of the local machine. Who said "yes?" Oh, it was me. So now I have to get busy. It took awhile to decide what I'd do. I wanted out of my comfort zone - don't ask why, please do not ask why.
I decided I'd do little landscapes. I hadn't painted in a long time so I thought, go for it. I did a sample landscape on paper then  I sanded down all of the blocks of wood.
 I put gesso on the blocks. Tomorrow I'll sand them down again to get a smooth surface.  I'll start painting using a production line kind of process. I plan to lay down a base of sky and land, then go in with details to make each one different.
 Today is day 345. There are 20 more days to go. Amazing! I made two cards referencing the French language. I did that because this morning I had to Skype Paris to make our deposit on the atelier at the Cite International des Arts. I was nervous as I haven't spoken French to a French person for a year and a half. Can you spell RUSTY!
 When I get nervous I speak quickly so I wanted to remember to s p e a k  s l o w l y. Another reason I was nervous was that I was giving our credit card number and had to be sure I was doing it correctly. Well, I did okay. I understood the Madame at the Compabilite and she understood me. How cool is that?!
 After my telephone call, we went to the park and it was a gorgeous morning. A light breeze, the smell of spring (because they'd cut the grass) and sunshine. The geese have moved further into the park, middle of the trail.
My honey straightened out the items on the tree stump. He doesn't know who started doing this, but it happened right after the tree was cut and the orange paint appeared to indicate that the stump was to be removed. So far, it stays. This is right on the edge of the trail, near the 1/2 way mark.  We were happy to get out as the rain came in the late afternoon and it got very chilly out.


Margie said...

Mim, Mim, Mim....can't wait to see what your do with those.

Found art blog said...

OH!! The Elf Shelf has been reincarnated!!! Brilliant!!!