Monday, November 28, 2011

My Maple tree & mail art, nearing the end.

 My mini-maple is such a lovely color. It's dropping leaves now and I picked up this one to scan and share. It's such a delicate shape and the color is so rich. The weather has been very warm, like spring, but the trees are mostly bare (except for the big magnolias and the piney ones.)

 Today is day #363, can you believe it. I can't.
I made two altered Tiny Town cards today
and am thinking that perhaps tomorrow
will be a Tiny Town day, also.

The bird card has attracted a lot of attention on Facebook. I didn't post the elephant one so don't know what the reaction would be. I was pretty pleased with how I was able to make him part of the landscape. By the way, there is NO photoshop involved. I cut the pieces to fit the postcard image & glue them down.
I usually don't plan ahead but since I have only 2 days to go, I'm thinking ahead. The last day, I'll make several cards. I know what I want to do and will probably post later in the day so I can take my time with the cards. Exciting!


phonelady said...

Oh gotta love creativity . you are very creative mim . I just love it .

VioletSky said...

The bird card is wonderful. That could be in my dreams some spring dawn during a particular raucous singing contest!