Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yarn-y goodness

I was having an azul kinda day on Thursday, so I stopped at The Yarn Lounge on my way home from visiting my shut-in friend. I went from feeling azul to feeling very sunny!! It's all of this yarn-y goodness that perked up my mood.

I got some Pagewood Farm Merino/cashmere hand-dyed yarn, with the color name : maple leaf. It's sock yarn but I'll use it for finger-less gloves/mitts.
I, also, got two different yarns from Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool Co. of Henderson, TX. Hand-dyed variegated wool. One is called "confetti" and the other is "autumn leaves." They have no web presence it seems, but a search will get you their phone number & address.

They yarns feel so soft and the colors are just so scrumptious. The finished products will go into Fritzi, my Etsy shop. Come see me there when you have time.

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